When Paths Cross with Plastic

Social media is full of photos with peoples 10th take. Posing, while creating a scene to make people awe has become the norm. Maybe parts of the truth have been cropped out. Not instagram worthy.

If a picture can tell a thousand words… What about two photos of the same location? Merely a different perspective. Here¬†are some photos I have taken to do a small part in shedding the light on the realities of how terrible pollution, and in particular plastic is for our environment. All taken in beautiful places that could use a little more love from people.




While travelling there are often community forums or big organizations that do clean-ups. Participating is one way to help while wandering. Social media does not always share the realities of any given situation. Plastic is ruining our environment and travelling can open a persons eyes to this. Maybe consider not photo-shopping the truth out of all your travel photos to help with awareness.

Have any similar tips? Please comment to share!

Wander With Love,