When Paths Cross with Hobbiton

In my opinion, no visit to New Zealand is complete without a little Lord of the Rings (LOTR) adventure. I am happy to report that there are literally millions of LOTR nerds just like my other half and I. Yes, I said millions! The Hobbiton movie set sees around 1500 visitors a day, and is only closed on Christmas. The baseline tour is 2 hours long, and ends with a drink at the Green Dragon Inn, complete with optional costumes. Please don’t be shy, put on a costume!

This set is not the original from the LOTR trilogy but the second, erected a second time for the filming of The Hobbit Trilogy. Unlike an ordinary movie set which is built to be temporary, this set was made to last so that fans like you and I could visit. Awesome, I know! During your tour you will learn about leaves being flown in from Taiwan, frogs being transferred out of a pond and much much more. The details put into this set, as well as the beautiful farmland it sits on are a huge part of what makes the Hobbit scenery in the trilogies astounding. More details on the tour can be found on their website: hobbitontours.com.

Set in the beautiful farmlands of Northern New Zealand even the drive to the tour is breathtaking. If you are picturing rolling hills of green, with loads of sheep on the hillsides then you will not be let down. The Shire is stunning and Hobbiton is complete with 44 hobbit-holes, clothing lines full or little Hobbit laundry, and the rolling greens of the Shire all around. All allowing you to feel like you are now in LOTR. Enjoy some of my experience below!


Welcome to Hobbiton!

Entrance to Hobbiton
One of the first hobbit-holes you will see!
Hobbit-hole 1. Let the photos begin!


Check out all hobbit-holes and look out on the Shire!

Another adorable hobbit-hole!
Awww, The Shire!
Hobbit laundry!
The hobbits that live higher up are wealthier. Can you see what hobbit-hole is at the top right of this photo?


Famous Hobbit-Holes

Surely you recognize this famous hobbit-hole. Home of Bilbo Baggins and Frodo! Their fake tree made for the Hobbit trilogy rests behind.
Loyal Sam’s hobbit-hole!


Time for Drinks at The Green Dragon Inn

Beautiful river outside of the Green Dagons Inn.
Drinks by the fire.
Don’t pass on dressing up!

A few more just for fun!




Wander With Love.



Did I Just Read That? Weird and Wonderful Literature for the Wanderlust- Part 2

Ahhh another few weeks of travel, and a few more amazing signs! These are from my collection of weird and wonderful signs that I have seen while travelling Southeast Asia. Often a mistranslation of the English language, or just messages that I doubt would be posted needed in Canada; all are shared in good spirit! Cheers!



“No Smoking Alcohol on Street” in Old Town, Phuket, Thailand

No Smoking Alcohol



Be careful! Tiger spray in Phuket, Thailand

Tiger Spray



Enjoy your visit, but watch your “ass” when you park in Pai, Thailand! Does anyone not drive scooters there anyways?




If you visit Ha Long Bay, Vietnam then you will lucky get a tour of the pearl farm. Don’t forget to read these guideline on deciding what size pearl necklace to purchase. Size does matter!

Pearl Sizing Guideline


More to come!

Wander With Love,