Turning 29 in Thailand

When beginning this blog my mind was set that writing about the people Yogi and I met was a clear and full path. One that would allow me to blog about my travels without myself always being centric to the content. However, in arriving to Thailand nearly three weeks ago things have already started to alter this direction.

During week 1 of our travels, Yogi and I each had a birthday and I turned 29. Yes, it took me until my last year of my 20s but I am now working toward achieving my goal to travel for an extended period of time! Yay! Coming into this trip, I naturally based many of my expectations on the experiences of my previous travels: single, mingling and often looking for the next party! I forgot to account for the fact that I am no longer at that stage in my life.

Nothing, up until these past couple weeks of travel has really allowed me, almost forced me, to realize how much I have changed in my 20s.

My values, new life goals and a partner who makes me truly happy have changed me…. And I am more than okay with this!

Since starting in Thailand we have met many people, but we have not joined anyone on their journey because Yogi and I are on our own. We realized that having nearly a year to travel is fantastic, but we appreciate some degree of structure and challenge in our day to day. While we did have a great time at the Full Moon Party where I met up with a friend from Germany (that I had met last year in Peru), we have been spending plenty of our time site seeing and eating as much Ko Phag Ngan street food as we can in a day.

We have recently started a Muay Thai Camp (kicking my ass by the way!), and are really enjoying the challenging and highly technical environment that the truly talented trainers foster. The first day I honestly wanted to quit, but the trainers and Yogi pushed me through. Each trainer is quite different in their coaching approach and of course, personality. What I have come to terms with is that I am hard on myself, which can lead to a bad attitude. Having a trainer that can laugh with me and stay positive (while correcting my stance possibly 50 times in a row) is the trainer for me; this kind of coach will help to keep my spirits up and attitude on point to keep challenging myself.

On top of Muay Thai training (and yoga), Yogi is giving me daily lessons on trees! He is an arborist, or what I like to call a “tree doctor” and I am happy to soak up all of his knowledge.

I guess what I am realizing is how important it is to keep learning while travelling, about yourself and the world around you. Travelling provides ample opportunity for new learning, and I intend on taking full advantage of the time we have.

So, how have my recent realizations impacted my blog? Perhaps, sharing more about not only who I meet but what I learn along the way from those people and the adventures we pursue.

A gentle reminder to keep pushing your boundaries!


A blog for my sister

My sister Tabs and I are very close, but I have always brought a level of what I would call a loving butthead to our relationship.

We are 13 months apart, and my mom has always told us that part of her parenting strategy was to let me help take care of my baby sister. Well, that role did not come to an early end perhaps as planned by my mom. High school meant challenging parenting on my behalf from waking Tabs up in the morning for school, yelling over the phone to leave “this instant” when she “fell” into her first bush party, and together mastering fake parental letters to get back into class.

We both moved out at fairly early ages, at least for our generation of basement dwelling 30 year olds (which I totally get; f*ck the divide of classes), but this was not an option for us. By the time Tabs turned 22 we bought a house together living along with my niece Bryella, and only recently sold that house to each purchase our own. We have since decided that our goal is to buy homes next to each other (in hopes that someone always has a stock of coffee in the AM!)

So needless to say, despite all the social media redefining distance with only a click and wifi keeping people apart, as I travel for the next year the distance between my sister and I will be notable. It is difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that when I come back from a year of travel, I will have missed a year of new memories with my sister, and my niece will no longer be 6. A year older, and I am certain more beautiful from an eye’s view through to the soul. So, this blog is not just about my sister but for her. Love you Tabs!

Meet my sister Tabatha…

27. Strong. Driven. Silly. Kind. Lucky. Loveable. Spontaneous. Patient. Sister. Mother. Tabi. Tabs.

In her 20s Tabs has traveled to 9 countries: Italy. Portugal. Spain. USA. Mexico. Cuba. Dominican. Ireland. The Bahamas.

Tabs and I sat down to talk about her travelling experiences to date. I would describe my sisters travelling as vacationy, but also quite spontaneous. Tabs even went on a few of her trips for free by winning contests on the radio. Hence, lucky! Actually, my first trip to Europe was because Tabs won tickets on the radio to see Rihanna in Barcelona. Merci!

Tabs has some great stories to share, really bringing to light how travel has changed for her over the years, and how special travelling with your child is. Let’s start with the young days of party centric vacationing, with some of Tabs highlights…

Tabs basically lived out an entire relationship with a blonde Cali dude on the strip of La Rambla in Barcelona and the young couple chugged a beer to seal the bond (I was there, it was really beautiful and at the moment I really did think my sister would move to the OC!).

The honeymoon was complete with a 5AM after hours dance party under black lights in some club.

A true vacation-romance complete with a divorce, and only a hangover as a reminder.

Tabs has also gotten a couple of her tattoos while on vacation in Ireland and Spain. She actually fell asleep while in the act:  myself nor the tattoo artist had seen this before. She may have broken some of the traditional tattoo rules about drinking the night before (or in this case, that early 5AM morning before), but hey we were on vacation! When I asked Tabs what has changed in more recent years, she said well now I don’t have to travel back to each country to actually remember the beauty!

More seriously, vacationing has changed for Tabs and has become much more about spending quality time with her daughter, Bryella. With Tabs being a single mom, Tabs has tended to opt for more contained vacations (as I put it), with multiple trips to all-inclusive resorts in Cuba and trips to Disney where we also have family to visit. The experiences she leaves with and the people she meets tend to be quite different from in her party days. Most recently on a recent visit to Cuba Tabs met a widowed father that was vacationing with his teen daughters, and shared that the best times he now has are when they vacation together. Tabs made a friend that confided to her about his life without his wife, and generally about raising his two beautiful daughters.

Tabs suggests that parents should vacation with their kids.

Most people you meet on vacation are excited and happy, and children pick up on this good energy

Recognizing that travelling with kids can be hard, Tabs believes that it provides invaluable experiences for everyone and parents shouldn’t be afraid.


You attract people by the vibes and actions that you demonstrate on vacation.

Talk to everyone because everyone has a story to tell, and people on vacation want to tell their story.

Brings your kids! Trust your kids!