When Paths Cross with Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is difficult to match this ideal tropical landscape that is home to the Komodo Dragon, local fishing villages, and plenty of wondrous creatures under the sea.

Like most tourists doing a day trip into the park, you must walk to the Labuan Bajo pier around 530AM and meet the local you paid to take you into Komodo. However, most will find that this person is merely a liaison between you and the boat. Through the dark morning, they will walk you to one of the maybe 100 wooden boats, hand you your bagged lunch of local food and usually part with you from there.

View Point in Labuan Bajo
No shortage of gorgeous view points in Labuan Bajo.

The sun is only just beginning to rise. The extremely loud motor overtakes any conversation on the boat; leaving you and the sunrise to find each other, and really start to move past those morning yawns. Well worth the early rise, you begin to pass many small islands; most inhabited only by animals and a few local fisherman villages. As Komodo is home to over 2000 km2 of surface area, three major islands and tons of small islands there is a vast amount of beauty to begin taking in.

You Cannot Filter a View So Beautiful
Komodo National Park in March 2018. Considered the end of rainy season here,  there is much less tourism and therefore less traffic on land and in the water.

The sea will undoubtedly keep your attention as some areas have numerous up wells, in large part due to the Pacific and Indian Ocean meeting. Also catching your eyes are some surface areas of the sea that are so flat it seems as though you could go ice skating on the water. If you really pay attention, you may be lucky enough to spot a sea turtle briefly coming up to the surface or a dolphin gliding above the water and quickly back into the water.

Water Like Glass
Water like glass.

Upon arriving to Manta Ray Point, do not waste any time in spotting and jumping in to swim with the Giant Manta Ray. Do not let the momentary shock of how large this creature truly is persuade you from swimming with them. Reaching up to 7metres, their size is only part of what makes them so spectacular.

From here, the engine turns back on cutting off your undoubtedly excited conversation about your recent interactions with the manta ray. You head over to Padar Island and begin your short trek to one of the most amazing views the park has to offer. Continue up further past the first lookout where most people are taking photos, and continue up as far as you can go. Let time slip away, and just enjoy the view encompassing many shades of blue, lush green islands and a few boats below. Stunning!

The Famous Photo We All Want to Take on Padar Island
The famous photo we all want to take on Padar Island. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment!


The view from the far side of Padar Island.
The view from the far side of Padar Island.

Next stop may be Komodo Island (or Rinca). When you arrive, you see a deer resting on the beach and while beautiful, this is not what you cam to see. Whiling walking the trail, you quickly come across the Komodo Dragon, and for a second time today find yourself left in awe at a large and rare animal. Do not be fooled as the dragons rests, as they are fast and aggressive. As the dominant animal on the island, they feed on almost anything from the deer you saw on the beach to pigs, and potentially smaller dragons. Keep you distance, and enjoy this unique opportunity to engage with the Komodo Dragon.


It is time to eat your bagged lunch, consisting of local foods such as chicken, rice and/or noodles. All delicious, even when cold. The motor begins again, and takes you to a snorkelling spot just off of Pink Beach. Once your flippers and snorkels are back on, you jump in the crystal clear water and enjoy the vastness of beautifully coloured coral. The tropical fish are just as colourful, and carry on with their routines as you observe from a distance. Make you way past the coral, and grab a handful of sand to observe the red and white sand that gives the beach its pink colour. You may find small rashes developing due to the jelly fish that have recently begun taking up residence in the pink beach area, but only take mild caution  as most of the local jelly are not poisonous.

As the motor takes it turn in providing the boat conversation, you begin the nearly 2 hour ride back to Labuan Bajo. Almost difficult to soak in all that only one day of wander can provide, you are tired and thankful.


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Wander With Love!



How to get here? The closest airport is in a town called Labuan Bajo, and you can easily fly here from Bali as daily flights are offered.

Where to stay? There are a decent amount of accommodations available for both backpackers and vacationers. My suggestion for budget travellers is to stay at Kasuwari, and make 1 night at Was Molas ( Wae Molas being the more expensive option.) Each are right near the main strip, and offer comfortable stays that include breaky.

How to visit the park? Currently, at a cost of about 30-40 CAD there are plenty of day trips into the park. Your hotel may offer to arrange it, and if not just walk into town and you will find tons of people offering the same day trip into Komodo.

What to expect? Most will do a 1 day trip to Komodo Island, Manta Ray Point, Padar, and Pink Beach. You will have to pay the park fee of about another 32 CAD once you arrive at Komodo Park (or Rinca if your day trip is to this island). You can also take your chances and just stand at the entrance of the park while other get their half hour walk; the walk if quite boring and sometime dragons lay near the beach or under the camp housing.Again, you are taking a risk of not seeing the Komodo dragon if you choose this option.

What no one tells you to prepare for: Most local day trip boats are wood boats with very loud motors, so talk in between stops is to a minimal. Maybe bring some ear plugs if you can remember. Labuan Bajo is quite dusty, so you may want to bring a mask so you are not breathing it all in.

When Paths Cross With a Self Proclaimed Ex-Convict

That time in Indonesia when my path crossed with a self-prclaimed ex-convict….

Our First Escape Room
Our First Escape Room. No we were not in prison Moms!

The hotel was purple, with two stories and full of balconies overlooking rolling green. Picturesque. The staff were sweet locals, whom shared not only travel tips but also personal stories with us. Hot as hell, we decided to come back to our hotel after a morning of walking around the local area.

The owners son, we’ll call Ja, offered to take us to a nice view point one afternoon and we were happy to accept. He explained that a new hotel was being built by a foreigner, and soon the road to the view point would be private; so he was happy to bring guests to the view point while still able.

On route to the view point, our new friend began sharing that he used to be a tour guide going from Bali to Komodo National Park weekly. As we drove by the new hotels’ construction site, our friend waved to another truck passing by and then said, “he’s also an ex-convict”. Not positive if I heard correctly, I hesitated to ask, “Sorry, did you say ex-convict?. To my surprise, we had heard Ja correctly and he proceeded to share more details without any reservation.

Turns out Ja liked to gamble, and while working as a guide, had got addicted to internet gambling that led to a loss of most of his personal items. As such, he orchestrated a scam to essentially trick people into thinking they were paying for a trip with the company that he worked with as a guide. However, the money was being sent to him.

Ja eventually got caught and was, “on the run and living on the streets for about 2 years”. When Ja was caught he said that his dad could have helped him stay out of prison for a cost, but his dad refused and told Ja that he needed to repay his debts. (Side note: I just finished reading Dan Browns’ Lost Symbol, and thankfully this story does not end the same.) Continuing on, Ja said that prison was not as bad as he would have thought and he was glad to have this experience and chance to turn his life around. Upon getting out of jail only a few months prior to this conversation, Ja’s dad offered him to work at their small hotel (which I will leave nameless), in order to pay back his debts. Ja told us that even though he served prison time, he feels morally responsible to pay back his debts to the company. From what he told us, the company honoured the people that were scammed so all the money Ja owes is actually to his previous employer.

More stories to come as I cross paths with strangers.

Wander with Love!