Did I Just Read That? Weird and Wonderful Literature for the Wanderlust- Part 2

Ahhh another few weeks of travel, and a few more amazing signs! These are from my collection of weird and wonderful signs that I have seen while travelling Southeast Asia. Often a mistranslation of the English language, or just messages that I doubt would be posted needed in Canada; all are shared in good spirit! Cheers!



“No Smoking Alcohol on Street” in Old Town, Phuket, Thailand

No Smoking Alcohol



Be careful! Tiger spray in Phuket, Thailand

Tiger Spray



Enjoy your visit, but watch your “ass” when you park in Pai, Thailand! Does anyone not drive scooters there anyways?




If you visit Ha Long Bay, Vietnam then you will lucky get a tour of the pearl farm. Don’t forget to read these guideline on deciding what size pearl necklace to purchase. Size does matter!

Pearl Sizing Guideline


More to come!

Wander With Love,


Travel Tips That No One Else Talks About, Part 2

These tips are both fun and helpful. Maybe no one else writes about these things, but they are not always obvious and I am happy to share. Enjoy!


1.Do not feed the monkeys. Please! When you first arrive to Southeast Asia one of the first animals you will likely be in awe of is the monkey. No denying, they are amazing! Intelligent, quirky and fun! One of the most common species of monkey that is often seen around much of SouthEast, including cities, is the Long Tailed Macaque monkey. Despite the numerous signs that threaten fees, and generally warn people not to feed the aggressive monkeys, many tourists decide to go against these rules and feed the Macaques. Please stop! This species is now very aggressive, will take things right out of your hands, and are been known to bite people. I am talking anything from food to cell phones. (If you are from Canada, then think of our raccoons but more aggressive towards humans.) The locals have often shared with us that they are “naughty monkeys”. The monkeys behaviour is surely a result of the on-going tourism and continued attempts to try to feed and take photos with the monkeys. Recent studies have shown that the macaque species is one of the few that is moving into the “Stone Age”,  take a look! Not to be underestimated, this species is intelligent and should be respected, not toyed with.

Macaque Surrounded by Trash
Macaque Monkeys Surrounded by Trash in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



2.***Learn to ride a motorbike before travelling!!!*** If you have never rode a motorbike and plan to travel, consider taking a lesson. A predominant mode of transportation in many places from South America, Europe and Southeast Asia, it can also be dangerous. It is not uncommon to see tourists covered in bandages and all scratched up. In Pai, Thailand, it was a joke that tourists often leave with a “Pai Tattoo”, which is sadly just road rash from falling off of scooters. If driving the scooter is already a barrier, potentially driving on a new side of the road, different styles of driving and often little regard for street signs will only make learning to ride a scooter in a new country much more difficult. Practice at home first, or take lessons, please. Riding a scooter can be fun and is a great way to travel!

Purchasing Gas in Phong Nha, Vietnam
Purchasing Gas in Phong Nha, Vietnam



3.No more fear of missing out (FOMO). Get over it! Recently, I met a younger traveller who asked me if I ever just spent a day of my travels relaxing. I had to laugh because relaxing is one of my favourite parts of travelling. Reading, blogging, laying at the beach, exercising and practicing guitar are luxuries that I do not always find time for at home. When you’re on the road, these can be the best and cheapest days to ensure that more travel lies ahead. There is just no way most people can afford the time or money to do everything this beautiful world has to offer. So, get over your FOMO today. Enjoy today, and smile because you are travelling!

Jogging in Langkawi, Malaysia
Go for a jog on a lazy day. You may end somewhere beautiful! This was a beach in Langkawi, Malaysia that hardly anyone else was at during our jog. Not bad for a free activity!

If you enjoyed these tips please take a look at Part 1 or feel free to comment with your own tips. More to come!

Wander With Love,