When Paths Cross with the Manta Ray

Perhaps it is not until you are truly immersed into anothers’ world that a true appreciation can exist. A bold kind of appreciation that is unparalleled by knowledge as derived through feeling. When deep sea diving you are immersed, two-fold, both underwater and in a new environment that is so uniquely beautiful. It is not difficult to lose yourself in awe.

Merely novice divers my partner and I feel immensely blessed to have dived in surely some of the most beautiful places in the world. Most recently, we were able to dive in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. A place renowned for for its beauty above and below sea level. Our encounters with the Manta Rays specifically were unparalleled to previous experiences. We were even more lucky to have a fellow diver diving specifically to capture photos of the Manta Rays for research, and gave us a short informative lesson to prepare for our dive.

The Giant Manta Ray and Resident Reef Manta Rays are magnificent. Relying on smaller fish to clean them they often stop at ‘cleaning stations’ and allow the smaller fish to clean their bottom half. As a diver, you can sit within metres to observe this massive creature relax for its cleaning. The Manta Rays we encountered were noticeably curious, and repeatedly swam right above our heads. Reaching a known maximum width of 7 metres, it is not fear that we felt but rather this incredible sense of respect and an outpouring presence of character and knowledge.The longer we sat the more comfortable and curious the Manta Rays seemed to be, as they swam closer and closer to us. You cannot help but wonder what senses and intelligence these Mantas possess that we cannot comprehend completely. A captivating creature!


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 12.01.38 PM

A special thank you to our new friend that captured these underwater shots and shared them with us! Another shout out and thank you to iDIVE for making our diving safe and fun!

wander with love.


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