Travel Tips That No One Else Talks About, Part 1

If you have engaged in any type of travel blogging, trip planning, or backpacker websites recently then you have without a doubt come across your typical travel tips and lists… how to pack a backpack, how to budget, where to eat, what to do, yada yada. All very useful, but also redundant for an avid traveller or even someone stuck in the office looking for inspiration, and fun.

This new segment of my blog is about the unusual, the unspoken, sometimes sad and  probably embarrassing travel tips that are less than commonly discussed. Hopefully, a fun read for all, and an oddly useful segment for the wanderlust.

1. Travel with someone that will clean up your vomit! I know, who wants to talk about getting sick?  Take if from someone that puked after an Iban family fed me too much liquor on Boxing Day… it is going to happen! If you travel long term, I would sadly bet that at some point that you are going to get sick. If the person you travel with is not willing to help take care of you, then perhaps it is time to re-evaluate this travel chum! (joking, but not) Whether you have picked up some kind of stomach virus, ate something disgusting or drank too much; getting sick at some point in your travels is no stranger to most long-term travellers. Most of us want our own bed and our mommy at bedside, but that is not around when you are travelling. Hopefully, your travel partner is there for you; bringing you water, cold towels for your head and lots of love!

2. Prepare for all new ideas of “common sense”. This may seem like a strange tip, but common sense is relative and subjective. When you travel, you are entering new cultures and communities that bring their own flavour to common sense. Be open, observe and learn. When you get frustrated because something is just not making sense, gently remind yourself that you are no longer in Kansas anymore (wherever Kansas is for you) and this can help you to relax, and approach the situation sensibly.

3.  If a vendor sells only 1 type of food, it is going to be fantastic! This is great advice, if I do say so myself! This advice was passed on to myself and travel chum while in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. Georgetown is an epicentre of amazing food, with an abundance of delicious street food to select from. All the choice is fantastic, but can also make it hard to decide where to settle. Go to the street vendor that sells only 1 item, who are making their living off of 1 dish! Feel confident that they are going to do it right!

Enjoy these tips? Have any awkward or unusual travel tips that you want to share? Please feel free to comment or send my way. More to come from yours truly soon enough!

Wander With Love,


Great Reads and Resources

For a good read and more information about George Town, Penang consider reading this blog by fellow blogger James Dugan. I found it to be a fun read with some great photos! George Town, Penang 

If you are planning a trip, travel insurance is also a must for when you get sick.  has done done some of the leg work  in assessing travel insurance options. They recently published a great resource to help you find the right insurance for you: The Best Travel Insurance


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