Did I Just Read That? Weird and Wonderful Literature for Wanderlust Well-Wishers 1

After spending the last four months on the road, there have been numerous, yet trivial occasions that I thought about blogging. Yet, where to these moments fit in? What is worth sharing? Funny encounters with people, yes, but also with literature of all sorts. With English being the primary language of the tourism industry in many countries, I have found that you often come across all sorts of literature from menus, to signs and clothing that sport creative interpretations of the English language. Certainly subjective, but this is my blog so I am going to start sharing what makes me stop and snicker while wandering. All light-hearted and fun! Enjoy!


Hostel Sign 1
My current favourite. This sign is posted around our current hostel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  Guess there will be no nudie runs for me tonight.


How Crocs Mating
A sign from a crocodile park in Langkawi, Malaysia. The title is as great as the explanation!


This is Thailand
Optional insurance for a tour in Thailand.


Langkawi folklore
Story found in folklore park in Langkawi, Malaysia.


Ice Cream
This was an advertisement at a theme park in Ipoh, Malaysia for… ice cream! I think?


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Have you seen any literature recently that made you laugh? Feel free to send me way!

Wander With Love!



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