Travel Malaysia Part 2: Borneo

ahh Malaysia! Not only a beautiful landscape, but called home to genuine and sweet local people that encourage a tourist to feel at home among theirs. Humble appreciations and curiosity can take you a long way in Malaysia. From big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu tailored to tourists with a big wallet for shopping or a stomach craving street food, to empty beaches in Langkawi or Sabah for the backpacker seeking peace, wild animals that can bring a tear to the eye (pygmy elephants,orang-utans, the sun bear, etc etc.), to adventure visiting longhouses along the riverside and climbing 4095 metres to the summit of Mount Kinabalu…Malaysia has it all….. travel Malaysia!

As mentioned in my first post about peninsular Malaysia the country is essentially divided into Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo Malaysia (which consists of Sabah and Sarawak states). I would suggest trying to spend a couple months to explore each. I am happy to share some of my favourite photos of Borneo, Malaysia for inspiration!


Niah National Park: home to a limestone cave system where 40,000 year old human remains were found. Very few tourists.



Kuching, Sabah: a fun city close to Bako National Park, longhouses, Fairy Caves and the Semengoh Orangutan Sanctuary.



Rajang River: travel up the river to small towns such as Kapit or Bintulu. Many longhouses of the native Iban people along the river.



More of our photos in Borneo.



More to come!



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