An Intro to When Paths Meet

When Paths Cross started as a blog about telling stories; stories that have impacted me, perhaps inspired, or just made me laugh.   As someone who inherently connects to people through commonalities, yet is generally quite private,  this blog is an opportunity… an opportunity to share, connect and hopefully grow as a creative writer.  No doubt, it will evolve.

Taking off for long term travel in September 2017 was a big step that I had longed to take, and took that as an opportunity to begin writing. Since coming home, I have learned that putting thoughts on paper is not only important to me, but I enjoy it. In light of my growth and the encouragement I have recieved to continue blogging, I have decided to start sharing more of my creative writing. Please Read! Please Comment!

Look forward to…

Creative Writing – Poems, Short Stories, Songs

Blogs About my Travels- Real Life Stories, Photos

Photography – Probably A Lot of Animals and Not A Lot of Filters


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